Letters to the Editor 08-16-2006

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Good Fertilizer

Editor, Times-Union:
I recently made a startling discovery and I have you to thank for it.

We have a garden every year and this year we have probably one of the best gardens we have ever had. Every Monday evening after I read Ann Coulter's column, I cut it out of the editorial page and shred it and then spread it on my garden. All that BS from the "Wicked Witch of the Press" has been enough to fertilize it better than any Miracle Grow ever could.

I am a very long-time subscriber to the Times-Union and find her column really good at improving my very low blood pressure.

I've been trying for a long time to find a good use for her diatribes and now I have it! Thank you for the great garden fertilizer.

Jim Townsend, via e-mail

Bible: No Rejection

Editor, Times-Union:
Raised in fundamental faith and knowing the Bible well, I have been in ministries most of my life. I dislike people speaking against others as if on all Christians' behalf because they aren't speaking for me. To be known by demeaning criticism and condemnation is not representative of God. Faith leaves it up to God to work with people as He sees fit. Jesus ministered hope and gave all to not condemn (Philippians 4:5, Romans 10:15). Spiritual fruit does not anger others and no law can be written that it violates; but laws can and should be written against discrimination (Galatians 5:22-26, Luke 6:41-45).

Anyone wanting to use the 613 Old Testament commandments to reject anyone from God must follow all of the laws themselves (James 2:10, Romans 2:12). Jesus fulfilled the law or we would be required to not do any of these things: Debt charge or pay interest (Lev 25:37, Deut 23:20), have unrestrained spending, use collateral, or cosign (Ex 22:24): hold back loans to, or expect repayment from poor people (Ex 22:24). Law favors a rich person in court (Lev 19:15), have rulers with riches (Deut 17:17) not admitting or pay for court's judgment errors (Lev 4:13). And we're not to wrong strangers in speech (Ex. 22:20) Oops, there goes the judging and condemning (Romans 2:1).

The light of salvation is not for illuminating others' sin. God has repeatedly blessed His people to bless others unlike ourselves, condemnation is not the "good news" (Mar 16:15, John 3:17). Jesus did not discriminate or keep any diversity of people from faith in God, worshiping together, or from "participating" in ministry.

There's no such word as heterosexual or homosexual to be interpreted from Hebrew Scriptures and it seems divisive that even avid KJV believers jump on the bandwagon when they see such words in other versions. It's very similar to the way Hitler's men encrypted Bibles to kill Jews. Anyone, whose goal is to use the Bible "against" people and provoke anger instead of faith, is counter productive in the cause of Christ.

My old-fashioned-believing dad taught me that no one is unacceptable to God and a multitude in this area can attest to his love and gentleness for "everyone". No matter how down-and-out, he would stick up for anyone. My dad took groups of us skating, to movies, theme parks, and he even had a TV and tape recorder when the churches we love didn't believe in any of those things. And when he walked up to people covered in leather and tattoos it repelled or even scared most traditional churchgoers; it was a blessing to find these people knew my dad and found him to be the most caring Christian man they knew. Dad's faith trusted God to provide salvation for anyone who simply believes and anything less is a lack of faith in God's ability and worthiness to be the only true judge.

A major "part" of Christian growth comes by "participating" in the great commission. How can new believers, who are unlike traditional believers, grow? Certainly not by becoming clones as early traditional believers wanted gentiles to do. My local and globally successful ministry, www.unidiversal.com, is inclusive of all diversities. Just like evil works by deception "in spite of" God, Jesus works by grace "in spite of" everyone's inability to be righteous.

Robbie Ousley, via e-mail
Editor's Note: This letter was edited to conform more closely to the 500-word limit stated in our Letters Policy.

Right-Wing Overload

Editor, Times-Union:
Once again in the interest of fairness, I must challenge a letter writer to the Times-Union. George, how much of that right-wing bilge do you need? The Times-Union has Ann Coulter and Michael Reagan. If that is not enough, may I suggest subscribing to the Rush Limbaugh newsletter or re-reading your copy of "Mein Kampf."

Frankly, I'm tired of those right-wing zealots accusing everyone who disagrees with them of treason. I am also sick of being accused of hate because I don't fall into lock step with the present administration in Washington, D.C. I am also damned tired of the lie that to leave Iraq would be cutting and running. The current administration and their ditto heads are too stupid to realize we have done all we can do. There are 25 million Iraqis, more or less, and if they can't take care of themselves, they aren't worth one more American life.

Charles Carnes


Editor, Times-Union:
Amendments lying around in Washington for more than a year I think is a disgrace. As I see it, someone is doing what they should not be doing - playing dirty politics.

If it is the committees that are at fault, then they should lose their job automatically when they hold the amendments longer than one year.

Every bill or amendment deserves an up or down vote. It should come up before Congress for a vote at least within one year.

I also think when Congressmen are elected, they should act as no longer a Democrat or Republican but as Senators and Representatives of the United States.

When Congressmen speak for or against an amendment, their time should be 10 minutes - period. They should be able to say what (express their opinion) they wish in that time. To carry on and on when speaking is bluffing the public (giving them the impression they are giving good service). I think the public is tired of dirty politics. It should be outdated and not allowed in Washington.

"We the People" deserve from whom we have elected good, respectable and honorable service. Let's take dirty politics out of Washington. Write your Congressmen and tell them you wish an amendment to that effect.

Leslie E. Swanson
Winona Lake

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