Local Couple’s Granddaughter Up And Coming In Hollywood

BY TERESA SMITH, Times-Union Staff Writer

The movie roles and television appearances have just kept coming to Hayden Panettiere, granddaughter of Dr. John and Tam Vogel of Winona Lake.

Visiting her grandparents last week, the 14-year-old actress just completed filming two movies – Walt Disney Pictures’ “Ice Princess” and “Racing Stripes” for Warner Brothers – set for release next year. They are the latest films in a steady succession of parts for the young actress.

“We finished ‘Ice Princess’ a couple of weeks ago,” she said of her role as Gen. She is a friend of the main character, a young girl who wants to become a champion figure skater. “I’d never ice skated before, they started to train me the last two weeks in March and throughout the film.”

In “Racing Stripes” she plays Channing Walsh a youngster who befriends an abandoned zebra who thinks he is a race horse.

“I had to work with zebras, horses, roosters and pelicans. It was one of my favorite films, if not my favorite film, to work on.” The movie also features Bruce Greenwood.

Panettiere has been homeschooled since she reached high school age. “With my schedule, going back and forth to sets, it’s better.”

Her credits include three releases in 2004, playing Melanie Lewis in MGM’s “The Dust Factory,” Maddie Dolan in Walt Disney Pictures’ television movie “Tiger Cruise,” and as Audrey Davis in “Raising Helen,” a Touchstone Pictures production starring Kate Hudson.

She has begun to focus on a music career after recording the lead song in “Tiger Cruise.”

Trips to Winona Lake are restful for the young actress, a place where she gets to do her own thing, like learning to wakeboard during the most recent visit.

Since 1998 Panettiere has appeared or participated in the television show “Normal” (2003), on “Ally McBeal” she played Maddie Harrington (2002), is Tati’s voice on the video game “The Mark of Kri” (2002) and Kairi’s voice in the video game “Kingdom Hearts” (2002), played Molly Eastman on television’s “Chestnut Hill” (2001), had the role of Natalie Scheffer in “Joe Somebody” (2001), “The Affair of the Necklace” (2001) “Remember the Titans” (2000), in “Dinosaur” (2000) she was the voice of Suri, had a 1999 role in “If You Beleive” on television, and was the voice of Dot in the 1999 video game “A Bug’s Life” listed as Hayden Panettier, played the young Doris Duke in the television mini-series “Too Rich: The Secret Life of Doris Duke” (1999), and was the girl on a sinking boat in “Message in a Bottle.”

Panettiere said she didn’t know what roles will come her way next.

“We’ll probably wait for the next films to come out. There are absolutely things I want to do. I’d love to go to college and study psychology and work with animals.

“But I do love acting. I’ve been very fortunate.”

Hayden is the daughter of Chip and Lesley Panettiere of New York. She has one brother, Jansen, who also appeared in “Tiger Cruise” and is Periwinkle on “Blue’s Clues.”

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