Voters Registered At BMV Not On Registration Rolls

BY DAVID SLONE, Times-Union Staff Writer

The Kosciusko County clerk’s office estimates they had 75-100 phone calls from people on Election Day who registered at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and who were not shown on the registration rolls.

Sharon Christner, county clerk, today said, “There’s nothing we can do now. There’s no way the BMV can verify who registered and who didn’t.”

When a person registers at the BMV, the BMV sends their registration card to the county clerk’s office. The BMV does not keep track of who registers to vote there.

The people who did not appear on the rolls could still have voted by provisional ballot, Christner said, but she could not say if they did or not. “We don’t know how many (of them) voted.”

If a person is concerned about their registration status, she said, she would encourage them to re-register.

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